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“No Sugar Added – Straight Talk From Those Living With Diabetes” is a collection of stories from individuals and families who have, and who are, living with diabetes. They’re stories of strength. Of courage. Of love and support. And they’re stories that demonstrate the enduring spirit of those determined, against whatever odds, to live life to the fullest.


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“My dad, the legendary Ron Santo, was more than a Cubs player, he was someone who lived successfully with diabetes for 52 years.He also knew that there was an amazing power in sharing information and stories of hope. No Sugar Added – Straight Talk From Those Living With Diabetes supports that belief with tips and advice from a variety of perspectives and experiences.This book is a must read for anyone living with or supporting someone with T1D.”

– Ron Santo, Jr.


You also have the opportunity to customize your book by recognizing a hero in your life. Whether it’s someone just diagnosed looking for hope or entering a new chapter in their life and needs inspiration; or maybe a friend or family member who has been supportive – we’ve reserved the last two pages of the book just for you!

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Midwest Book Review Writes…

"Diabetes is not the end of one's life, so one shouldn't treat it like it is. "No Sugar Added: Straight Talk from Those Living with Diabetes" is a collection of memoirs from those who are facing diabetes throughout their life and how they have conquered it and achieved greater health regardless. The stories within are from those are facing it themselves, their friends and family, and more. "No Sugar Added" is packed cover to cover with full color photography and very much recommended for those who are facing it themselves or have family members who are coping."

Americans with T1D
New Diagnoses Each Year
% Increase of Diagnoses in Children
# of Sufferers in US by 2050

Meet the Authors

No Sugar Added - Straight Talk From Those Living With Diabetes" was co-authored by Dr. Jean Norris and her son, Mike. For 25 years now, Jean has lived with Type 1 diabetes. Throughout her life experiences as a diabetic, and in her role as a board member of the JDRF Illinois Chapter, Jean has been enlightened and inspired by countless individuals who have coped with the disease and, ultimately, thrived. It was her goal to bring some of these stories to the world as a way to offer support, advice, and hope to others.

Mike Norris, too, has been affected by diabetes his entire life. He’s seen the impact the disease has had on his mother since he can remember, as he described in the book’s eloquent introduction. As Mike spoke with individuals and families and wrote their stories, he learned how powerful sharing stories of hard times and hope can empower people.
mikeandjean the authors


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